• Hi, my name IGN is Fied. I chose "Fied" since I like fire. Fire matches or could be similar to Fried I don't know but for my opinion Fied = Fied like Flied. It could even be like Fly when you fly. But, I really don't know. I like this IGN because, it is Short I actually would prefer a 3 letter name but, I couldn't find any. I even Sniped some. So What do you think? Fied = Fried? it's 4 letter name, easy to say and spell and, the first time i searched for the IGN it had 20 views so It could only just be semi-og name, maybe?

  • @Fied Not really imo. But it's a cool name, not really a word and I get your reasoning above but what's considered "OG" to other people is if it actually is a actual word lol. My IGN isn't really a word either so I mean, it's a combination of both. But it's still pretty cool ; )

  • @Fied No, it's a random name with no real meaning. Protip: if you have to ask whether it's OG, it most likely is not.

    But if you like it, that's what counts. Just don't claim names you don't like so you can be "ohh gee".

  • @Dog If a name takes over fucking 2 years to be taken it's 99.999999999% not og or semi-og lmao. This username is nothing. It's just a ranked account.

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