Well its 726 I guess

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    Hello random people out there in the community :)

    My user name history as you can see is kinda lame, but I still go by the name killermanjer, along with the name Zan.

    I go around, play on a few servers but most of the time im just a straight up builder :) If you need help with anything feel free to pm me or add me on Skype @killermanjer mc and ill respond and/pr add you as soon as i get a request :)
    normally I use enjin forums which is shown on my profile page for NameMC so If you want to go add me as a friend there or follow me here instead go right ahead ;D

    Outside of Minecraft I <3 playing chess and a good game of pool every now and again. P.S. try me in poker and you will loose.

    Im also kindof a book reader o.o

  • hiya it's nice to meet you <3

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