• We all know this. Toxicity. people who are rude and can't be nice. They are not true to people around them. They need an attitude check. Their personalities are so unappealing that it makes the people around them suffer and turn rude as well.

    From a scale of 1(Nice) to 10(Toxic). Give me your honest opinion on how toxic you think the Minecraft Community is at the moment.

    It's ruining the game.

  • @ChainedChompie 2

    Honestly - it's easy to judge a fanbase by some of its louder individuals, and there certainly are some ignorant and irritating people among us. However, I've been playing this game getting on for 6 years now and almost everyone I've met online via Minecraft has been friendly enough.

    We're divided into many sub-communities, we Minecrafters. We associate ourselves with people with similar interests in the game - that's what happens when there are millions of people all interested in the same thing. Negative opinions thrive in this environment, and rise to the top because the idea of anger is more infectious than the idea of respect.

    To be frank, it's a good idea to look upon something as popular as Minecraft with a pinch of salt. There's always going to be a bias against things this popular.

  • @5Hz Depends on which Server's you've been playing on.

  • @ChainedChompie
    I'll cut that in servers:
    Badlion: 7
    Hypixel: 5 1
    and pretty much every MCPE server: complete retards

  • potpvp/arenapvp/practice/soup/hcf/uhc - 8
    bedwars/eggwars - 3
    skywars - 5 or 6
    mineplex sg - 6
    creative servers - 5
    other minigames (splegg, spleef, draw my thing, OITQ, turbo kart, turf wars) - 2

  • Vanilla Legacy - 8
    Cubecraft - 5
    then pretty much what @SenpaiKitKatO_O said.

  • @Mibi cubecraft is a 9 imo lol
    people have said "kanker", "hija de puta", "ur shit", or "imbecile" etc whenever i won a game almost every time lul

  • @ChainedChompie 9 mate.

  • The people I used to be "friends" with, who ultimately made me quit Minecraft: around 10.

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