• does anyone know how mineplex just died ? because i got banned from gwen for permanent 10 months ago, and then I deleted it off my servers list. but when i appealed and got unbanned, mineplex was from 10,000 people to 5000. Does anyone know what happened ?

    plus, I saw some games like (death tag let me use for an example) used to have 30+ lobbies. now they only have 10- ?! what the heck!

  • Mineplex had a nice peak in 2015 and early 2016 but as time went on they lost a lot of their players. There’s a few really big main factors that played a role in that.

    Lag has increased over time, the majority of it being server-sided. Hence it’s nickname “Lagplex”.

    The loss of players kinda caused a domino effect. A lot of people want to play in a place where there’s more players.

    The updates aren’t really that great and if anything make the server laggier. There’s nothing exciting happening and it’s really quite boring.

    GWEN from what I’ve seen false bans A LOT. When this happens people get upset and leave which again sort of ties into the chain reaction of people leaving.

    In 2015 they had an average of about 40,000 players a month. Looking at something more recent, they have an average of about 10,000 players or less a month.

  • lmaoo rip

  • MP has a good selection of games, but I guess there is just a lot lag most of the time, but another factor is that there's way too many hackers in game I guess, and a lot of them just get banned. So, most of the player count just went down. Plus, there's also Hypixel taking everyone lol.

  • mineplex used to b fun when i started playing in like 2015-16
    nowadays it's gotten boring & they don't have any new interesting games ,
    some of their staff isnt the greatest? ? like i legit get muted for saying the stupidest stuff honestly
    plus their anticheat is dumb n they have a shit ton of hackers so i dont really blame people for leaving mineplex

  • @baisie
    Hypixel's bewares (egg wars)
    Hypixel's murder mystery too (TIMV, Hive)

  • Lag killed the hype. Updates aren't exemplary either.

  • @yungsoul same

  • @SquishyDog77 Atleast hypickle is 10x better ffs

  • lenawhite :PPPP whatever you say...

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