Not sure as of why I was banned

  • Hi Staff Team, all my accounts (greenshepherd, BalthazarBratt and Danger) were banned several minutes ago by Gameplan (I think) or one of your mods, but there was no explanation, just a permanent ban. I cannot recall myself doing anything against the BlockMania rules unless alting/logging on with multiple accounts was bannable or maybe I broke some rules without knowing. I have been playing on this server for ages and have no idea why I would be banned today. In fact, I know quite a bit of the players on Blockmania.

    Please respond thanks

  • Okay just heard from some people who were online the time I was banned, I was ban evading. I cannot recall myself being banned, but I believe that I have once cheated on the server using a random account borrowed from my friend. That was over a year ago, and I had no intention of harming the server's community, it was only for my own entertainment when I was bored. I apologize for once cheating on the server and have not since then, and will not ever log on with an hacked client ever again. Sorry.

  • Okay nevermind, I realised I could only be unbanned if it was a false ban. Sorry for wasting your time reading the above. Great server and great rules

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