I got my hair dyed today!

  • Re: So....I got a question for y'all

    Thought I'd let y'all know I got my hair re-dyed today! And I did decide to go with blue. It turned out amazing!

    My normal hairdresser (who is absolutely a-ma-zing) was off sick today :( But they rang me to reschedule the appointment. Which would have been totally fine, except I've actually got something very special on tomorrow (I'm meeting James Marsters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series). And they were able to pull a few strings and fit me in anyways.

    It has several shades of blue through it. But that wasn't on purpose. It looks so much like Evie's now!

  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤok

  • so this is namemc forums now. a-ma-zing.

  • @rurt

    Excuse me? That was just me saying how much a loved my hairdresser. Boy oh boy you are quite rude. I've seen your messages before....have you heard of "scroll on by" because it would make your life much easier.

  • @xX_ClqreBear_Xx but nobody really cares about you saying you love your hair dresser

  • @rurt honey, you don't care. Others obviously do. You need some online social manners. <3

  • @xX_ClqreBear_Xx who does though

    this isn't instagram, facebook, snapchat, ect.

  • @rurt

    Hun, go read my original topic I posted. People care. But don't worry Hun, you dont have to <3

    Now, I'mma drop this. Cause I have more important things to do than waste my time with you.

  • @xX_ClqreBear_Xx aight whatever, this post is really pointless though

  • *argument *

    So this is namemc forums now. a-ma-zing

  • ooo cool

  • lmfao stop abusing your reputation

  • @xX_ClqreBear_Xx

    oh... I died my hair before. I had long hair that was brown at the top and at like the very bottom was a little bit of blonde. But and then my hair got really messy and the blonde became really ugly and dirty so I had to cut it to my shoulder :( Rip hair. The funeral starts at 1:30 tomorrow. Meet at Imagination Land.

  • @baisie

    Haha that's funny.

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