Santa emojis

  • Have you noticed random people with santa emojis next to their username?
    (Just scroll down someones friend list if they have a lot of friends)
    Ex: (yes I'm using your profile friend)
    How do you even get these emojis? Or is it just a test?
    I am just wondering lol.
    I never really seen namemc do this to lots of people with the same emoji

  • @SquishyDog77 OG name

  • @SquishyDog77

    MassiveChoons - Last Friday at 5:56 PM
    BlockMania Name Colors and Prefixes Now Available!

    The beta test is over and you can now officially purchase credits for our server,, in the shop at
    The credits can be used to purchase name colors:

    and prefixes:
    (special symbols that show before your name in chat).

    (TIP: Click the cosmetics chest in-game on BlockMania to see all available colors and prefixes!)

    The name colors and prefixes are just the first taste of our new cosmetics system, we'll be releasing lots more awesome stuff in the near-future on the shop, including:

    • Particle Effects
    • Pets
    • Gadgets
    • New Prefixes, and much more!

    You can also expect to see:

    • New Parkour server.
    • More minigames.
    • Custom anti-cheat for /mini.
    • And a new secret project.

    all coming soon.

    I know development has been slow but we're working hard with our limited resources to bring you cool new content as soon as possible. Stay-tuned to this channel for more announcements about new features in the near-future. ~ Choons

    (And a special thanks to everyone who has donated so far to support the server. Appreciate ya!)

  • @SenpaiKitKatO_O I mean the website namemc
    Not the blockmania server if that is what your talking about

  • @SquishyDog77 Seems to me like these people all have the santa hat overlay from the button in their NameMC profile. I've put it on my skin so I'll see whether I get the emoji too.

    EDIT: success!

  • @5Hz Ok thanks!

  • @SquishyDog77 you get it when you press the Santa hat when you go to a skin. Like press a trending skin, and the top will be a Santa hat button. If you press it and you download it and use it, you will get a Santa hat next to your name

  • .............

  • If you put the NameMC santa hat on your skin, you'll get the Santa Emoji.

  • Yup, it's due to the Santa overlay :smiley: Get's you more noticed lol

  • @Siri said in Santa emojis:

    Get's you more noticed lol

    You're not wrong. My monthly view have nearly tripled since I got the emoji. :grin:

  • Just to clarify, Blockmania owns the Namemc website. And like everyone else said, you have to apply the Namemc Santa hat.

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