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  • Hi! My name is sneakywaffle25, (but you already knew that..) and I am looking to apply for staff on blockmania. I would love to be able to have the chance to help out such a great and strong server since the day it first came to
    the Minecraft world. Well, enough talk. Let us get straight into my application.

    IGN: sneakywaffle25

    Have I changed my name?: No, I have always been sneakywaffle25, besides my other accounts that I have sold, gave away, or kept until bored.
    Name: Ben Glick (you can call me Ben, sneaky, waffle, or something funnier than 24, 25)

    Age: 13
    Country: United States

    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

    Times I can be on blockmania: On weekdays, 4:00 P.M to 7:00-9:00 P.M (unless I am home from school, I'm sure I will be able to be on more than usual) On weekends, any time you need me, unless I am with family, friends, or busy

    Do I have a working microphone? (for Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc): Yes, I do. I use Discord on my phone so it has a built in microphone. But my main computer does not. But I will be getting one very, very soon.

    Am I on the discord server?: Yup, I haven't been on long, just because my old discord email got hacked, and that had all my personal information attached to it, so I just made a new discord with my new email.
    What would I rate my maturity level?: A 7/10. I am saying this because I do like to goof around when I am bored, but I won't get out of hand if I get any special powers if I get accepted as staff.

    Am I trustworthy?: Yes, very much so. I can say this because I bought my friend Aorel an account for $160, and I still have the OG info to the account, even though it has been over 2 months since I bought him it. So, if you
    have anything secret, or personal you would like to share with me, (not saying you should xD) I will 100% keep it between us, and only us.

    Do I have any past experience being a staff member?: Yes, I have been staff on multiple servers and I have learned how to use my powers appropriately, how to behave to a certain manor, and to be helpful
    to any player, or staff. (this has also gave me a life lesson, it has showed me how to be a better person, because I wasn't really the best kid when I was younger)

    How would I deal with someone breaking the rules?: Firstly, rule breaking is a big issue in my house and I have learned to follow the rules in my home. This also has helped me to listen to server rules. But, if someone was
    breaking rules on the server, I would firstly check to see which rule they are breaking. (it could be, language, bullying, not listening to staff, etc) Then, I will give them a warning. If they do not stop I will punish
    them with anything to prevent them from doing what they were doing.

    How would I deal with someone cheating/hacking?: This happens a lot around blockmania, mostly on Party Games. I want to recommend getting an anti-cheat that is suitable for the server, or if hacking is allowed don't do anything
    xD. But if it is against the rules, I will definitley give them a 7-30 day ban, on how severe the hacking is.

    How would I deal with multiple people throwing PMs at me?: I would try to answer them as quickly, and fluently as possible. But it will be very difficult due to multiple questions being thrown at me. I would also try to tell
    them that if there are any other staff members online, you can ask them for help as well.

    What rank am I applying for?: Personally I want to apply for Helper and make my way up, I don't like to be a staff-hunter and ask for OP straight away. I bet you this application is nothing compared to others out there. Also,
    I would like to point out, that I have been a member on blockmania for more than 3 months and I wanted to get the hang of how the server runs and stuff like that before I make an application.

    Anything else I should tell you?: Yes, I would like to say I am a very kind, caring, and loving person. I work very hard on everything I do in life, and I have straight A's in school. My favorite sport is basketball, I love
    technology, and love making new friends.

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  • @sneakywaffle25 alt text you could apply for builder

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