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  • Hello there. I'm xX_ClqreBear_Xx, although my real name isn't Clare lol. I'm 18 (And no, I'm not too old for MC lol) and I am a proud Australian. I love all animals although horses, rats and dogs are my favorite animals.
    My family own 4 cats, 5 birds, 10 mice and I am owned by 8 sweet little boy rats. I've owned rats basically my whole life as well as cats.
    My favorite TV shows are:
    Pretty Little Liars
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Friends and a lot more

    And I also have a thing for horror movies as well.

    Well, that's a bit about me. Lol

  • welcome ;)

  • Hi Person Nice To meet you hope you have a nice stay

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Welcome to the forums :)

  • @xX_ClqreBear_Xx as soon as you said you were Australian i read the rest of the paragraph in an Australian accent ;)

  • Aw thanks guys for the welcomes :) To be honest I didn't think anyone would bother to respond. Thank you :)

    First, love your name. :) Second, haha, that's funny but I speak more american anyways XD

  • @xX_ClqreBear_Xx ty i didnt know they had RSPCA in Australia :P also, use the reply button in the bottom left corner of the post so that they get a notification.

    @xX_ClqreBear_Xx or you could type @ and then their name

  • mice?? cutee ! also welcomee

  • @RSPCA

    Thanks for letting me know about the reply button. Lol now I feel a little silly

    And yeah, we have the RSPCA here in Aus. They're huge here in AU. I was just there recently actually, my Nana got another cat as one of hers passed away. And I couldn't help wanting all the animals they had lol. But I think we have a full house atm XD

    @Okatami Lol yeah, we have mice. We've had mice for about the same amount of time as I have had rats for. Rodents make wonderful pets :)

  • aww cool !! @xX_ClqreBear_Xx

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