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  • Aloha,
    Just to make this quick, short, and simple, My server (known as The Wave) is looking for great potential staff members, map creators, and social members! Over the past couple weeks my staff along myself has been trying to look for active community members and people who can help bring the server up from the dead. I believe with more help we can accomplish something great, maybe someone such as yourself, can help with this situation! Below I will list a couple of job offerings you may be interested in applying for now or in the future however, please do keep in mind to read over the corresponding job requirements. & lastly, all applications must be submit on The Wave forums under your current in-game name.

    Mahalo, Hawxuii.

    Staff Member:

    • Info: If you are deciding on applying for staff please do keep in mind that we are looking for active and dedicated members, you must show up for at least one week online, even if it's just logging in and logging out ten minutes later. If you are accepted, we will put you through a one week trial as a trainee to see how you handle people and if you are mature enough to move onto a higher position, we will also assign you a mentor to help you get started.
    • Requirements: (Listed On Forums) A basic example is, must be 13 years old or older and mature in chat.

    Skin Designer:

    • Info: On our server we like to create fun and exciting trailers for upcoming events, partys, and releases. If you are a good skin designer we highly recommend making a resume or application on our forums to show off what you can do and help us out on making The Wave server player skin packs.
    • Requirements: Must be active, must be in server discord chat (Type /Links in-game), & must be mature enough to work well with others.

    Art Designer:

    • Info: If you are a photoshop, virtual art designer, or an overall clever person at creating design icons this job may be for you! We are looking for someone to create us original free art designs that we can use as icons on the server list, forums, website, and more! & As to the fact that you are doing this for free, we will throw in some free in-game perks if you'd like.
    • Requirements: Must be active, must be in server discord chat (Type /Links in-game), & must be mature enough to work well with others.


    • Info: Just like a staff member, you will take a lot of responsibility. Taking in on this job to not only provide time to working but dedicate effort into creating spawns, maps, and more! We are looking for someone who is interested in building original Skywars Maps, Kit-PvP maps, parkour maps, skyblock spawns, prison mines, and more! We would love for you to have a place where your master piece can be held for people to play on a daily basis whenever they want.
    • Requirements: (Listed On Forums) A basic example is, you must be active in game at least 5-6 days a week you can work at least once a day.
    • Other things worth mentioning: You will get credit for what you build and I'm a pretty flexible owner on what I want built on most cases, so I hope that makes it more interesting.

    Youtube/Twitch/Social Ranks:

    • Info: If you are an upcoming or already staring youtube/twitch/or social (both) member we would LOVE for you to check out the server and record online! We are also open to making in-game and forums advertisements of your channel if that makes it any more worth recording on.
    • Requirements: (Listed On Forums) A basic example is, must be active and have at least one video on The Wave server.

    Disclaimer: We are not paying for any maps, skins, art, or anything at all that goes towards the server at this moment, sorry.

    Server IP: TheWave.BeastMC.Com
    Server Discord:
    Instagram: @ TheWaveMC
    Twitter: @ TheWaveNetwk

    Thank you for your time in reading over this and hope to see you around :)

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