What skins you would like to see?

  • I am a skin maker, and I'm asking this question because I'd like to hear some opinions for this.

    Skins are becoming very basic, similar, overall boring. I am currently making skins professionally on PMC, and want to know what types do the players want to see? No, this is not an open request, but more of a suggestion kind of thing. So as Minecraft players, and skin users, just given an honest opinion because this information is going to be useful and possible passed down a long line of people.

    Ex.) Less degrading female skins, but rather stronger and adventurous vibes.
    Ex.) Improved shading, teaching people how to create skins independently.

  • @Campestral from what I can see from your PMC, I think you should keep doing what you are doing. You make creative, original skins that look really good. I wouldn't use them because I prefer plainer, black skins.

    Also, I really, really like ur sig. maybe do something with that idea?

  • @RSPCA Thanks, yes I am trying my hardest to do justice, very kind and what your personal preference is very understandable.

    As for the skins in the signature, if I don't get frustrated, there should be a full skin post of it. Those are just all my fails I don't like.

  • @Campestral In my opinion those skins that you're seeing that are "generic and boring" just depends on what people like nowadays. I personally find your type of skins to be really interesting and unique, but I wouldn't really use it myself. I like basic skins, because well, i'm a basic person ig but,

    In the end, to answer your question,, you just have to keep doing what you like and find people who like your style. it all really depends.

  • @Mannors Yes, they really are all just opinions, and my use of generic and boring is my evil use of "persuasive language propaganda" to be honest, to get more diverse answers. I also need to say I'm not so much asking for myself here, that part is much deeper. When it comes to what I'm calling "professional" skins, these are a group of people who look at skins as what they are, art. What most people are making these days are relative to stick figures when it comes to this, and most higher level skin makers. I mean this non-offensively.

    What I'm really saying, and please excuse my random rambling, is that we want to know what people would want to see more of, not just improvement of individual style like I used in my example there, or specific taste.

    This can be as simple as "More generic teen skins plz :333 cx"

    And now I realize how confusing this entire post is.

  • @Campestral Haha you're fine,, But I see where you're getting at. Best of luck to you in the long run with your skins.

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