• Is it going to be possible for us to make our own groups? If not, then it should be :D

  • @Unhosted Well currently I think the groups are only used for ranks. I can't say whether or not they intend to change it for our use as well, but atm that is what the groups are for.

  • Owner

    I'm not sure yet, I'm still working out how they're going to work. There will most likely be public groups for servers/youtubers/etc. but I'm not sure about user-made groups yet.

  • I couldn't see usergroups being a perfect feature unless they were meant to keep community members together. My thought was that they could be used to group people up for specific servers(such as a hypixel group), youtubers within the community, streamers, and so on. I personally would just find it annoying if everyone had a custom group with 1 or 2 people in it. If I was to "look up" a group, I would most likely look for someone to watch in terms of youtube/twitch or search for a group of people who play a server I find myself on actively.

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