The Stupidest thing I ever did involving minecraft.

  • NOTE: This isn't a ban appeal. I'm not trying to insult Blockmania or offend its players or staff.
    So usually, I'm a pretty good guy in minecraft. I don't get banned or muted often.
    But yesterday I was bored and felt like getting banned. So, I never play Blockmania. I'm usually on hypixel with my guild, or actually going outside, and I also forget important things alot. So I look through my server list, and I see Blockmania,(facepalm) and I'm thinking "Which server is that again? Oh yeah some advertiser got me to login for a free rank. Probably." So I go on and say something not very nice to get muted/banned, and so I get muted, then banned. Then I go on hypixel and play some skywars. Then I decide to look at my friends' name history, and realize, blockmania=namemc wake up!

  • Interesting.

  • Very noice!

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