RivalHQ Network | 1.7.10 - 1.8.9 | RivalHQ.net | Coming Soon!

  • **Hello NameMC Community once again, Me and @PvPGodNotReally are currently in the making of a brand new Network, RivalHQ Network, with great HCF experience and Network. The Network will consist of Solo - 1 Man 0 Ally, Duo - 2 Man 0 Ally, Squads, 5 Man 1 Ally, And Rivals - 10 Man 0 Ally, Practice - Test your Minecraft PvP with Awesome PvP experience, and Kitmap with 10 Man 1 Ally (No Deathbans). We have a twitter where we will be doing a few giveaways and cool updates on the Network. We also have a discord server you may join for updates also.

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/RivalHQNetwork
    Discord - https://discord.gg/KedJWNr
    Teamspeak - ts.rivalhq.net
    Shop - store.rivalhq.net
    Website - www.rivalhq.net

    Contact Both Owners on Telegram or Discord for more info...

    Telegram - @SwayzeeJK
    Discord - Swayzee#3588

    Telegram - @PvPGodNotReally
    Discord - PvPGodNotReally#4847**

    Note: This server is not finished yet but will be very soon! :)

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