The Phoenix Network!

  • Hey!
    We all know that building is one of the main points of Minecraft, and we know that sharing creations is an important part of that.
    That's why we created Phoenix Creative!
    We provide a friendly environment for players to build, create, share and improve.
    On top of that, you get access to free W/E and Voxel Sniper!

    We have a plot world with 3 different sized plots. 51x51 (SmallPlots), 151x151 (BigPlots) and 201x201 (LargePlots).

    We also provide builder ranks to show off how good you are at building in-game!
    Starting as Active growing to Starter - Builder - Designer - Constructer - Architect and for the best of all, Legend.

    The server is going into BETA Sunday, Oct. 1 and will last until Wednesday, Nov. 1
    But that's not all, we are constantly working on providing new stuff, game modes and more!

    You can join the server now! or join our discord!

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