How can i get this ign?

  • I've been wanting to have the Ign ''Skyler'' for a long time, is there any way to actually get it?

    I know It's taken, but the owner of that ign is not active

  • You can't get any username without the owner changing their username to something else, even if they aren't active anymore.

  • This was sold on MCM a while ago. Based on that twitter, looks like Arc owns it. All you can do is DM him an offer. Though this was sold for around $100 so I doubt you can afford it. Lowballing will just make it worse. I know because I have 25 OGs with my twitter on them so I get a few lowballs/beggars daily. They're not for sale anyway though.

  • @Dog I actually sent a DM a while ago but the account looks really inactive as well, So even if I tried to offer anything there is no response, do you know any other way to contact them?

  • @Skylcr Messaged you his discord

  • Thank you so much for the help!

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