Whats your dream player name?

  • My dream player name is the generic 8 yes that one character name C: The reason why I am doing so many of these question things is so I can get to know the community and what people like and dislike for fun C:

    Comment down below!
    I will upvote the name I like the most C:

  • probably dumb.
    im gonna upvote a lot of your stuff because im a nice person.

  • i want the name 'Trash' or 'Loser' because im edgy kdsfjsdkflsf

  • My name would probably be iwantmorefriendsbecauseiwannabekool
    but I think that's a bit long..

  • Probably Vexed or Zed ii guess

  • Herobrine

  • help me

    its an actual account it has a space in it :O

  • Huahwi because my name is HuahwiIsNoob

  • i would pick pvp

  • @stvpid I'd like the username Scum but it's blocked #RIP

  • i always relate to a lot of things so, either "Relate" or "Relatable"

  • @10kg Love this account name

  • @SpawnChunks Dude this name would be legend :)

  • @IPvP4Fun Yes!

  • @yungsoul ░░░░░░░░░▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄░░░░

  • i think id like deh name Sammy cuz its meh name...

  • @stvpid 7

  • Cat, because I like cats. ;

  • @Okatami Cats are better than dogs ;)

  • wild so i could troll on pixlemon servers

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