They should add more gamemodes!

  • This would be very cool to add because they removed all the parkour in the lobby I do believe so maybe have leaderboards for fastest times completed?

    I think this would be cool to add because they only have 3 options for gamemodes.

    Raid Bowgames Minigames

    My second suggestion for a new gamemode would be skywars. Now I know this idea isnt too original obviously but it could possibly, maybe attract a new audience to the server and help the community grow C:

    Just like I said about skywars this goes for all gamemodes they add. The variety could attract more people or something.

    Just thought this would be a fun idea to share with the community.
    Comment your opinion about this idea down below.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    We have things planned... Keep an eye out for it. We're always open for suggestions and feedback. Best way to leave those would be on the NameMC Discord.

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