embarrassing stories?

  • title says it all
    tell me all your stories (っ•▿•)っ

  • my life is basically an embarrassing story ;)

  • @Suaces GOD I CAN RELATE

  • @Suaces claps

  • one time i was at this area-all-state concert band performance thing (that i had auditioned for and was performing in) and one of the directors passed me in the hallway and was like "how are you doing?" and i was like "THANKS!"

    he didn't talk to me for the rest of the day

  • when i was 7 i would go outside and rp with trees. It was so bad.
    I once took 18 catterpillers and put them under rocks as a 'house' for them. whenI came back in the morning they were all dead. I know i was a devil.

  • One of my most embarrassing stories eh!

    On a cold and rainy day I was on my bus route to school, my bus takes about an hour to get to school and an hour back so the trip is a huge pain in the ass. On the way to school I had an instant pain shoot into my stomach and I found myself holding my stomach and clenching my cheeks together, at this moment I knew that I had to get to a bathroom. 40 Minutes go by and I'm in so much pain to the point where I couldn't hold it anymore so I had to get off the bus in the middle of the city and run into the nearest public place that I knew had toilets! What do ya know I ran through the rain into a small food court to find that the Bathrooms were locked at this early time in the morning -_- I quickly ran into the closest fast food restaurant which was burger king and rushed my way into the mens restroom where this fat shit that was brewing up inside me launched itself into the toilet without giving me time to think or breathe. Once I caught my breathe and was ready to wipe I noticed that there was no toilet paper so I ripped the machine off the wall and was stuck in this bathroom thinking "What the hell do I do" Me being a student the only option I really had was to take out one of my school books rip out some pages and have a very painful and disgusting time wiping. I went to flush the toilet with all the paper and poo combination and it wouldn't flush and I had to dip the scene as soon as possible. To this day I feel sorry for the poor workers who would have had to clean that horrid mess. I walked to school after and decided that I just couldn't go on through they day and hopped on the next bus back home :") WHAT A GREAT DAY

  • @Oaf This is too funny

  • And there we go, one of my many embarrassing stories, I'm quite the mess. :rofl:

  • Running onto baseball field. Age 8. Just batted now going to pitch. I didn't realize I had my helmet on and I was pitching, with my batter helmet on

  • in first grade i went to go tell on a kid who apparently didn't exist (':

  • @Oaf that story just made my night oh my god i'm in tears

  • @Gorve The funny thing was, the sheet I pulled out of my book was as "Emergency Plan" sheet, you can make it out on the top of the page LOL. You never know when these things will come in handy c;

  • How i ruined my last phone.....

    I was going to get orange juice from the fridge, it was home made orange juice so it was in like a pitcher/jug type thing and it had no lid. And idiot me was playing flappybird when that game was still relevant and i was basically 100% oblivious to my surroundings. While pouring my orange juice into my glass, i split some of the orange juice which made me sorta panic a bit and my phone slid out my my hand by mistake and into the jug of juice....


    #NoPhoneToThisDay ;-;

  • hmm this thread seems to be alive, ok so I was chewing on the eraser end of my pencil (those wooden ones with metal at the end and pink eraser or something) in 2nd grade and my the metal bit got stuck in between my teeth, but I didn't know what to do and was that shy kid, so I just sat there with a pencil lodged in my mouth. I managed to pull the pencil out along with two teeth..

    i told the teacher and she called my parents

  • @CanadianEGirl Hilarious

  • Banned

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