Ban Appeal

  • Hey my ign is PreTest i got banned about a year ago for alting and spamming/ hacking on those alts Im banned for ever and i ask that i get unbanned. Tbh i actually really miss this server. Since its been a long time since i played so im asking if you can unban me (Im banned forever)

  • @PRETEST there is like nothing to do on the server. why do you care? its like 3 semi OG people AFKing there thinking they are cool kids.

  • @10kg fucking true lol

  • @10kg LMAO true ig

  • Please go get an appeal by talking to one of the staff about it and not telling us about this. I suggest pm'ing a staff member and they could possibly appeal. I do understand that you miss this community. There is really nothing much you can do but wait for a reply and hope for the better. I know this might be an old thread but its just a suggestion to you.

    Have a great day C:

  • @10kg Being completely honest with you this is quite true! Thanks for pointing this out XD.

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