organic butterfly build

  • long time, no see.
    decided to come online MC (since 2 months)
    -- took probably 1-2 hours max (I didn't have voxel... so it was mainly done with hand).

    anyway, I was genuinely curious if I had lost my touch to "building" and decided to attempt an organic-style butterfly. I was originally going for angel wings, but it later turned into a set of butterfly wings.

    dedicated to my good friend Alice (Jedz).

    colors based off of Jedz's choice:

    reply below any build suggestions for me to attempt.
    server: snapcraft /creative

  • @Kalyne ok

  • @Kalyne Skip the butterflies, build clubs.
    // omg snapcraft aHaha i need to get back on that.. wOw

  • @Mannors

  • Its a great build but building butterflies in minecraft doesn't go well, just looks weird to me but Its really good.

  • @Choo
    they actually do.
    organic builds involve real-life, living creatures (humans, animals, insects, mythical). you might not see these builds often because they are far different from the typical structures (eg. castles & towns) you see in pretty much every server.

    there are build servers where people have taken large versions of creatures into a mega build.
    i guess they are only used if you're trying to imitate a large-scale environment.

    organic ex:

    ^ actual organic in its natural habitat

  • @Kalyne but why? how can you be bothered?

    when you finish there is no reward, you just... look at it.

  • @Kalyne they look so coool

  • @10kg
    While that is sort of true, some builders do get paid irl currency to build for dev. servers as an incentive. Some builders do random builds to build a portfolio for owners to consider them. Or maybe even it's fun? There are a bunch of servers out there that are specifically dedicated to builders, like there are servers out there dedicated for pvpers.

    your question kinda makes me wonder: why do pvpers compete? what reward do they get out of it? it seems like a waste of time as well. however, I see that they find joy to do it, y'know? pvpers find it fun to pvp, builders find it fun to build. it's a win-win situation. good question

    Without builders, how can servers look attractive to new players? I did it bc I was curious if I still could build after taking a 2 month break xD. While you see it as a waste of my time, I think it's nice for me to look back if I ever consider joining another build team in the future

  • @Kalyne fair enough...

    but HOW DO YOU TYPE SO MUCH?!?!?
    that is the real question

  • @10kg IDK I type like 98 WPM so it just comes out of my mind onto the screen xD

    but HOW DO YOU TYPE SO LITTLE/???/!11

  • @Kalyne skills

  • @Kalyne nice doing business with you

  • @10kg OMG I was literally gonna ask that! (freaky)

  • @chummmy wat

  • @10kg I was going to ask how @Kalyne types so fast

  • @chummmy @10kg how fast do u type

  • @Kalyne it takes me like 10 minutes just to think of something to type that actually makes sense. XD

  • @Kalyne idk i jsut press on the keys on this strange device and end up with a sentence in about an hour.

  • @10kg same

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