10 Months On NameMC.

  • Wow has it already been 10 months? okay then.

    I've made a similar post like this a while back named "Month on NameMc!", and it's been quite a long time since I've actually been active on here. Now, back then NameMc was just a place to find skins, and not a lot of people knew about it, until it really started to get popularity, because of the new change of skins. (More realistic type of skins aka egirl & eboy skins). *imo that's how NameMc blew up. But anyways, I started to get really involved on here when NameMc Community launched up, and it was a forums page for just the whole entire Minecraft community. I talk about it a lot during my post above. I've never really been a forums type of person, until this came around, the idea just intrigued me and in the end I loved being part of the community.

    Now, I've met so much people through this site, and i'm not too sure where they really are at this point, they've come and go. I don't really blame them because this site went really downhill for some reason. It COULD be from all the shit-posting that everyone has flooded in the site (not saying I wasn't part of it). Or the lack of topics that everyone tried to spark up. I honestly think that if it weren't for the shitposts then the site would of been dry. Everyone was asking random ass questions, and weird fucking topics. The site was designed to talk about Minecraft specifically, but in probably 2 weeks, only 3-5 posts were on that, but unlike 10-20 posts every 3 days or even a day were about Off-Topic stuff. Now, eventually, no one thought of anymore stupid topics to talk about and it just died down. Less people posted, more and more people quit, OG people started to get less active, or left to go talk on the discord servers. This point, the community/forums came at a stopping point. It was pretty sad to see everyone leave, but I guess it was for the better. I really hoped for the forums to gain back more players, but it's a slow progress.

    Nowadays, I see people on here still shitposting, and I do see new people pop up from time to time, they get addicted to the very small community for 2-3 weeks, then leave without saying anything. I think back then people were really obsessed with the feedback/answers they got in their topics, and so that's why everyone was shitposting. (After everyone stopped replying, they left).

    In the end, of course I've made a lot of memories here, and I don't regret much. It was a nice run with the community, and I hope it gets back on their feet. I hope more people join, and try to spark up some suggestions. I hope it doesn't die down like it has been. I just hope that everything will turn out the way it should. But, it does seem to get a little better now, and hopefully it'll improve more.

    Sorry for the long paragraph and rant, feel free to disagree with me about anything and leave a comment about it or not. This is just one of the many posts on "Why is NameMc dying?", but it's also a Thank you (:

    Thank you for 10 Months. ~ Mannors

  • true words ^

  • @Mannors I miss youuuu <3

  • hey remember me pops

  • @Mannors good job

  • @Faithes indeed
    @Kalyne <3 missing you too
    @Nadri Son!1!1
    @DeviLed thank you v' much

  • forum ogs B^)

    edit: stop shitposting 2k17 make forums alive again

  • your old

  • who actually read that? xD

  • @RSPCA no one

  • wait.. it's been 10 months..

  • Hey LOL. Remember ur boy?

  • @Blankety mY gUy

  • @Mannors you're old

  • ayyyy 10 months too although I'm inactive Cx

  • Yup yup I've been here for 10 months too.

    It has died. Sadly. But I still come here to screw around every so often so yeah. :P

  • I used namemc (namemc.com) for so long, when I first wanted a account I believe it was 9 or 8 months ago, that's when I went to the server.. Idk what it's called i forgot :' but I first got my namemc account 9-8 months ago, and i believe I did use this website for 10 months as well! It's a awesome website tbh, and I think that I'll tell some of my friends to make a account on here! I'll try to not get reported for advertising xD I could just ask them on call /Discord/ ;) but yes, namemc is a great and I mean... GREAT GREAT GREAT skin website. And I love sharing my weird ass life on nameMC Community! It's one of my fav things to do, but sometimes I never have time to do it cause of school, and other things as well. But this website is by far my favorite skin website ever, I believe I said that to many times.. well how about two more times? I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! <3

  • @eliie Oh wait, i've been here for ten months! :D Plus! 10+ :D

  • Dang. 10 months. Almost a year ;)

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