• **Hello everyone, Kane here :)

    I would like to discuss the removal of 'kitpvp'. According to Choons, he said he removed kitpvp because it was just a temporary thing. To be honest, I think most of the active players prefer KitPvP than raids. It's quite rare to see someone playing on the raids server. In my opinion, blockmania has gotten a bit boring since they removed KitPvP. In this server, kitpvp was different. Every once in a while, a staff member would build something new like a staircase. It was pretty much a fun experience. Right now, whenever I log into blockmania, players are either chilling in he hub or playing mini games. It's quite rare to see someone playing in the raids server.

    Please post your opinions below. Do you think KitPvP is more enjoyable or Raids?**

  • @Kane KitPvP is waaaaay more enjoyable than Raids.

  • Thank you for your opinion

  • if i had a dollar for every time i saw one of these threads/posts/messages, i would be a rich man

    honestly though, "kitpvp," the command blocks that gave you a kit and speed 2 in an arena are gone, get over it. it was temporary until we added raid, and will not be coming back, ever.

    if you're still not convinced, here, read choons' post:

  • **This thread was based on my opinion and other player's opinions. Of course, you don't have to agree with my opinion, but you seemed mad when you wrote this. I understand that it was something temporary. But even if it was, he can bring it back if he wants to..

    Of course, it does not have to be 100% the same. He can add some changes if he wants to do that.**

  • @Kane not "mad," per se, just fed up with all of these "bring kitpvp back" threads—we've said multiple times to the public that we're not bringing it back, and people still argue

  • "we"? What do you mean by "we"?

  • @Kane "we" meaning myself, the owner, and the rest of the staff team

  • kitpvp was good but raids is terrible ngl. that's why I quit the server in the first place because everyone there enjoyed the soup pvp

  • @Nadri just play skylandkits

  • This post is deleted!

  • @DeviLed Skylandkits is different. It really is not fun when there is like 200 player in the same arena. Blockmania's KitPvP is different. Plus, as I said, the thing that makes kitpvp in blockmania more enjoyable is when a staff member changes somethings in the KitPvP arena by like adding lava pool or a staircase.

  • @DeviLed skylands isn't the same because they have actual KITS not like just iron armor and a diamond sword speed 2 and soups only and there isn't a difference if you have a rank or not

  • @Nadri Yep

  • @Kane your statement is very accurate, I firmly believe KitPvP should be re-implemented.

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