• How is school going ? "To the ones who are in school, and have already started" :) I'm making bad choices xD I screamed the {S} word during my math class and got sent to student support :-: Help

  • that sounds like something i'd do, school is rough

  • @eliie I bet you got suspended

  • i came back from holiday today at 4am

    i have school tommorow

    kill me pls

    i go to bad school

  • @RSPCA I eat food

  • @eliie My summer ends tmr (School tmr)
    Basically, I'm in a class with 2 of my friends and all of my other friends are in other great classes

  • @DeviLed I didn't! :D I did get detention for two hole periods.

  • @eliie ugh, studied for an exam hardcore and didn't do as well as I thought ): yet another exam I didn't really study for I got an A on (mkay, makes total sense).

  • @Kalyne Good job

  • @Kalyne That's why I don't study.

  • uhhhhhhhshdh boring I want it to be summer again

  • school is ass

  • @Choo Yes very, but when I'm around I make my teachers so mad and it's funny as hell, my school is strict sometimes.. When it comes with profanity they kill us, when we're being stupid and lets say shout out a weird word that isn't that bad like "Penis" then they cool but they will tell you to stop or at least move them by you, yet again, i'm 14 and I still get moved up near my fat ass teacher who smells like dead ass bodies. xD

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