Hello There Folks

  • Well hello there folks and welcome back to myyyyyy youtub- forums post. :) A friend showed me the free version of pocket edition in the summer of 2011 and I loved it and got the full version a few days later. I played that for a long time and enjoyed building. At Christmas 2012 my cousin got me a minecraft pc gift card. It took me until around March 2014 to realize that I was using the wrong launcher and that I could play multiplayer. I started playing my favorite server to this day, minebrawl, in June 2014. I didn't even know pvp was a thing until like August. And since then I've went from 2 cps on a mac laptop with a trackpad to 13 cps on my desktop. I enjoy pvp and interacting with the nice people in the community when I play minecraft. (Check out my "if you could have any name what would it be?" post)

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