• YO GIRL HACKED IN SKINDEX!! WAHHAHAHAH. ;0 For me when i hit alt f11 it makes me go into the very first account i did on whatever site i go on, and so my first account is crappy xD So funny all dem weird skins .

  • @Eliie Oh.

  • @AddMeOnNameMC When i was twelve i thought my skins were good when i was making them on there, but when i looked back at my old skins when i was older i was laughing, i sucked. I mean maybe it was because little me was little. That was when i actually started mc. xD anyway, i do have another account on my other pc. it's got my old phone number email passwords blaa blaa then yeah. Everything on there is not the same as what's on this one i'm currently on. xD :D Well... BYEE

  • @Eliie Oh.

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