I got hacked :/

  • This post is deleted!

  • wHAT
    Hope you get your acc back one day @Turtle

  • i guess it must have been X turtle. XDDDDDD
    i will leave now

  • Your account is getting sold on some site... Feels bad...


  • If you have the transaction ID your account can go back to its original email address

  • @RSPCA how do you have followers?

  • Turtle, that happened to me before, I thought i got hacked but no, I got into my account after 10 times trying to log back in, i was trying to see what was happening but when i reset my pc and then I waited two mins just to get it awake, cause i don't wanna rush it or anything, but after that I went to my mc file clicked it yeah yeah xD then I tried to log back into it, it did work after 10 times xD . Now it could mean mojang was fixing or upgrading a subject, I would reset your device and then try to log in again, if that doesn't work report it to the mojang company.

  • @RSPCA can you like


  • Uuu definetly got keylogged or ip banned isnt it stop downling hiddenexes with 20mb idk

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