reintroducing myself (hi, i'm azlynn)

  • hey! i'm azlynn. if you saw my last introduction page, you would probably block me, so here we go.

    i've decided to come up with ten facts about myself seeing as that's the easiest way to get to know someone.

    (1) my biggest mc regret is probably choosing "Azzy09" as a username in 2013
    (2) my favorite youtubers would have to be phan, robertidk, jacksfilms, and dodie
    (3) my favorite music artists are Tilian, Public, dodie (obviously), twenty one pilots, P!ATD, blackpink, BTS, and a bunch of small, random electro-punk bands on spotify
    (4) i still play because i love building and talking with my friends
    (5) the first youtuber i watched was stampylonghead
    (6) i'm agender (they/them) and bisexual (attracted to females + non-binary people)
    (7) i like to think that i'm chill (very hard to offend me)
    (8) my favorite color is lilac
    (9) my favorite show is voltron and my favorite ship is klance
    (10) my IGN is Olivene (i play on hypixel a lot, so feel free to hmu)

  • Hi azylnn

  • 'ello! Nice to meet you, seeing as we haven't previously interacted lol. :D

  • hi welcome back again

  • Hey! Nice to meet you! <3 If you wanna friend me you can :D Just click the link and hit add friend! :D

  • Welcome. ;)

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