• What level are you guys in Mineplex? Just wondering 😁

  • I'm Level 63, despite having about 98 Days ingame time so I would probably be level 100 by now if I never joined the staff team.

  • Banned

    80 besides to false ban and 30 mutes I had on my account, but now I got a new account that I cant change the name or skin too its called Prophet, I'm muted for 5 days rn tho for saying "Ez nhggers" I had like 85 days in game

  • 0 bc mineplex is awful.

  • @SquishyDog77 im only 65 :cry:
    but it's cool i guess

  • 35 because I rarely actually play it anymore.

  • I'm like level 39. Riperoni.

  • level 62 :'( all these higher levels

  • mineplex had levels?
    have i been banned for that long?

  • 39 something. lmao, I only hang out in the lobby

  • I'll never know because I don't play mineplex. And I'm perma-muted for saying " .craft "

  • 61 ! but I would be 70 by now if i didn't get a 30 day ban (will be unbanned in 14 days)

  • 25-35 I think somewhere in that line

  • 34 (I quit) :I

    • whatabouthypixelanyone?*

  • It turns out I'm level 17. I must be bad.

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