Dinoway's Builder Application

  • IGN: Dinoway
    Age: 13
    Timezone: UTC
    what are you applying for? Admin or Builder

    Why are you applying for NameMC?

    I'm applying for NameMC because I want to help this server become more popular, and give more to the server by adding things like games, builds, and more for players to do on the server. I see that the server needs lots of work and has lots of potential that I would love to help put into the server with just a little bit of time and work to make this server become a great community for future players.

    Why should we pick you from other people?

    I have experience of being staff on Minecraft servers as well as servers on other games like Garry's mod, TF2, etc. I have been admin, builder, and helper on Minecraft servers. as of having experience of being staff on Minecraft servers, means I know how to do many things as staff on a server such as working in console, setting things up on the server such as ranks, plugins, games, etc. and being able to build things in Minecraft.

    What have you built?

    link: http://imgur.com/a/CHa6M


    Discord: Dinoway #7970
    Skype: xx.rexgamer.xx

    If you have any extra questions or need to talk to me about something, Please contact me on Discord!

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