Hi, I'm Lyss ♡

  • Hello random passersby!
    Upon realizing there is a whole community outside of the main NameMC website, I decided I'd love to become apart of it. So I thought it would be appropriate if I introduce myself properly on here, and what better way to start an introduction then by giving some random facts about myself! Without further ado, here's my introduction and 5 facts about me! :)

    1. My name is Alyssa, but you can call me Lyss, Lyssa, or anything similar!
      (I mostly go by Lyss, however.)

    2. I absolutely love music!
      Though I can only play two instruments (cello & piano), I really enjoy it and it's one of my favorite things to indulge in. My favorite genre of music includes certain types of alternative and mainly ballads, and my favorite artist(s) is Aquilo.

    3. My favorite TV shows consist of The Walking Dead and The Twilight Zone. ;)
      (Oh, and I can't forget Spongebob - I make a lot of Spongebob references that'd ultimately be really awkward if you had no idea what I was talking about.)

    4. My favorite subjects in school include English & History!
      (Although I love music, I've never really taken a good and enriching music class, so therefore I've never enjoyed music in school as much as just listening or learning it on my own, sadly. :()

    5. I love to travel, though I've never really been anywhere too far from my doorstep.
      The idea of traveling is super exciting to me and it makes me happy to even go to places that are only a couple of hours away from me. The whole aspect of going someplace new is just incredibly fun to me, and I really hope to travel the world someday! Especially around Europe, I don't know, but ninety-eight percent of the places I want to visit are in that specific area. :) (If you live in Europe, please take me there, lmao.)

    Welp, that's all the facts I have for now!
    I usually play games and servers such as Minestrike and Draw My Thing on Mineplex, Creative 2.0 on Beanblockz, Blockparty on Hive, and all sorts of different things on Hypixel. Don't be shy, you can always stop by to say hello on here and I'm always open to making new friends. Have a great day/night, and thanks for viewing! <3

  • Hiiii~ nice to meet you, Lyss! :D Welcome to NameMC community! If there's anything you're curious about or if you just ever want to chat, don't hesitate to come to me! :smile:

  • @Ariagirl101 Thank you so much! Nice to meet you, Ariagirl101. :)

  • @FL0RES Not a problem! It's nice to meet you too! :smile:

  • Welcome!
    I love music and traveling too! :D

  • Welcome to da forums <3

  • @FL0RES hi.

  • @SquishyDog77 :D CoOL! Thank you so much for the kind welcome!

  • @Dixieee Thank you !! :) <3

  • @RSPCA oi.

  • Welcomeo to the community ;3

  • @Galactxc Thank you so much! :D <3

  • Hi Lyss! Welcome to forums :) I love to travel as well, and who doesn't love music lol.

  • @Keui Hello, thanks for the welcome! :D (Yes, music is very popular. Especially with all the variations, there's a music genre/style for almost everyone! :3)

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