Getting a Cape

  • Hello everyone, I know that I am new here, but I don't know how to get a cape.

  • @02G_man go to minecon of buy an optifine one from

  • Go to or just go to, once your there u hit "Donate" then you pay 10$ for a cape, and you also can create your own designs on your cape at -

    After you pay for your cape you would also need to download a version for your mc cape to be able to see ur cape. When ur done with that you should know how to enter the version from the home screen of mc. Which means when u click on the game it opens and brings you to the home/page. You should know how to do the rest, and if you still don't understand how i'm explaining it then I would just look up how to get a optifine cape, I hope you understand how to donate and download the cape, see ya! :D

  • @Eliie it doesn't let me get one.

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    Real capes only come from Mojang for special events and achievements. Just google "Minecraft capes."

    Or you can donate for an Optifine cape which other people with the Optifine mod can see.

  • @Choons That's what i said <3 -|-

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    @Eliie said in Getting a Cape:

    @Choons That's what i said <3 -|-

    Actually you just explained how to buy an Optifine cape, you didn't explain the difference or that only people with Optifine would be able to see it.

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