Trying to sell my PC. Need advice.

  • Probably not the place to talk about PC selling in a block game forum but yolo. I'm trying to sell my PC along with my monitor due to reasons. The PC and monitor are in great condition with no scratches and marks.
    The Desktop is Asus G11CD
    CPU i5 6400 2.7Ghz
    GPU GTX 970 4GB
    8 GB Ram
    1Tb HDD no SSD
    Windows 10.
    The monitor is 23 inches dell.
    What price should I sell it for both? No keyboard or mice.

  • You should sell it all for $700 or $600 on ebay or something.

  • it depends on the condition.

  • It's pretty good like no one have touch it before xD

  • @Eoi actually sounds like it's in great shape. Try selling it on eBay first, if that doesn't work out you could try finding a local website or social media to advertise it on.
    How old is the pc anyways? That could possibly affect the price but not as much.

  • One year old but performance stay the same.

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