Similar Skins

  • NameMC should have a feature where it shows skins similar to the one you are viewing. It would be useful to see if someone had an edited version of your skin.

  • @cheezpie Aggreed, but it may not happen because everyone has a different account, and not everybody has a namemc account. But it could happen to people that have a namemc account.

  • @Spheno yeah but the Minecraft skin API allows you to view the skin of anyone with an account so it might work.

  • devs are probably focused on something else
    good idea but idk how they could add it, perhaps compare pixels and stuff

  • i dont think that would work but there should be a description so you can @ them and give credit yourself

  • That's an interesting idea. Would this be kind of like the NovaSkin feature that shows almost exact, very similar, and quite similar skins to the one you're viewing, just a little more simplistic?

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