Whats your favorite season?

  • :sunflower::tulip: :cactus: :cherry_blossom:
    this is my first time actually posting so yahh hi!alt text

  • summer !

  • Spring when it's hot.

  • I'ma say winter, cause it's always nice and quite in my house, :D So when I want to chill and watch sht it's not loud and noisy cause everyone is outside playing in the snow... Besides me ;}

  • Fall, not to hot nor cold :heart:

  • Definitely spring! It's when we have the most thunderstorms/rainy weather in my area, and that's my favorite kind of weather. :}

  • spring, i love rain <3

  • I honestly like autumn...not just because my birthday's in autumn, but because where I live, it's just beautiful in autumn, and the temperature outside is very neutral. Relatively warm but with a crisp breeze. :maple_leaf:

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