Hey, I'm Jaii.

  • Hey all, I'm Jaii.

    I'm a HeadAdmin on ArkhamNetwork, I just noticed this came up when I went to look for a name so I decided to confirm and enter the unknown.

    Those who know of me, hi! ;) and for those that don't, well.. Just keep reading I suppose.

    So, where to start? I guess we'll start with how old I am.

    I'm 18 years old, I live in the United Kingdom and I work part-time with residential workers to deal with excess jobs that can't be completed or just with the document work that the boss can't be bothered doing. I've been playing Minecraft for 11 months now, 7 of them I've been working for Arkham and the rest have just been me exploring some other networks to learn the game. I do YouTube, however it's not content regarding Minecraft.. My content is for other games and information about them. Not sure on the rules for this forum so I'm not going to go through and advertise it.

    For those that will be around here a lot, you may or may not see me.. but who knows? Lets have some fun with this new feature I suppose.

    Kindest Regards,

  • You need to unban me I won the flamingo event.

  • This post is deleted!

  • ohithere.

  • Nice to meet you Jaii 😜

  • @SquishyDog77 said in Hey, I'm Jaii.:

    Nice to meet you Jaii 😜

    Nice to meet you too! :D

  • hello there

  • Welcome to the community!

  • @butwhyme said in Hey, I'm Jaii.:

    hello there

    Good evening ;)

    @Mannors said in Hey, I'm Jaii.:

    Welcome to the community!

    Appreciated, you too.

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