Cheater Reports Guidelines

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    Cheater Reports Guidelines

    The main purpose of the Cheater Reports Section is for players who are unsure if someone is hacking or breaking the rules to upload screenshots/videos so that they can get other players' or staffs' opinions.

    The most efficient way to report hackers/rule breakers in-game is to use /report <player> <reason>. You can post a link to a video where a player is hacking in your report, this is especially useful if you suspect no staff is online, they can then check your report and video later on and punish the hacker regardless of if they are online or not.

    Doing /report alerts all online staff members, most times you might not see any staff online as we tend to be invisible checking reports. The report is saved even if no staff is on, and once the reported player is banned and the staff member finishes your report, you will get a notification in-game.

    The report system is not meant for reporting your friends as a joke, that simply creates more work for the staff. Make sure you have read the Rules before you report someone. Example of things people commonly report for that are not against the rules/offences we need evidence to punish for:

    • Swearing
      (Cursing is allowed on the server, harassment and discrimination on the other hand is not.)

    • Teaming
      (Teaming is punishable and against the rules, but if you only report one person for 'teaming' staff has no way of determining who they teamed with and for how long of a duration. When reporting people for teaming, please include evidence in form of a video recording. There is also no way for staff to determine who teamed with who once the players have logged out. Evidence is appreciated.)

    • Advertising
      (Advertising is not against the rules as long as it is relevant to Minecraft, you must describe the server in detail and explain what players can expect to find/do on there. Excessive spam is not permitted, and repeating the same message over and over will result in punishment.)

    We ask that you do not say things along the lines of "This player is hacking!" or "Ban Player123, they have kill aura!" in the public chat either in-game or in any channel on Discord. Doing this makes it significantly harder for online staff to catch the hacker and punish them. If someone warns the hacker that a staff member is watching, they will most likely toggle their hacks off and the staff member might not be able to determine if the accused player was hacking or not. Therefore the best way to help us catch the hacker as quickly and swiftly as possible is to submit a /report and to not call the hacker out in chat or alert them that staff is spectating.

    If you are sure that there are no staff members online, you can private message them on Discord or the forums. Like previously stated, please do not report someone in a public channel as there is a risk that the hacker is there and gets alerted by the report. It's always better to pm a staff member in that case.

    Another thing worthy of noting is that staff cannot rely on what someone says a player did. In order for us to punish someone we must see them breaking the rules ourselves. Players saying "Ban Player123 they were hacking!" "I vouch/agree, they did hack." is not evidence. If you want to ensure the player is punished properly, record them and include the link to the video when reporting them.

    In Conclusion/TL;DR:

    • This section of the forums is for uploading videos of players you are unsure of if they're hacking or not to get input from the community.
    • The most efficient way to report cheaters in-game is to use /report
    • Make sure you have read our rules before you report someone. Swearing, for example is not against the rules.
    • Please do not call hackers out in chat as it lowers the chances of staff being able to catch them.
    • Private messaging a staff member in-game or on discord about a hacker is always better than to report them publicly.
    • Staff needs evidence in order to punish someone. Even if both you and your friend saw that person hacking we cannot rely on your word to punish them, we need to see them in the act.

    If you are unsure of anything or have questions that are not answered either here or in Server Rules & Guidelines, feel free to message me or another staff member.

    Thank you for reading! :relaxed:

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