Does CPS Matter much

  • CPS Is Clips Per Second, if you want to get a CPS Counter, or a CPS Counter on your Minecraft screen here(needs Forge) anways the point is that CPS is a huge thing, but I want to know how do you Jitter Click to like 14 CPS? PLZ TELL

  • It does to a sertain extent, for example if I were to average at 2-3CPS I wouldn't be getting the advantage over someone clicking at 8-9CPS BUT after about 6-7CPS minecraft doesn't register so many hit per second. This doesn't mean getting higher CPS doesn't increase your chance of getting the first hit (personally I think the first hit is most important.)

    Hope this helped you understand a bit better.

  • Aim AT LEAST above 6 cps. above that is decent. if u want a real advantage, u dont need like 14 cps, 9-10 cps would be fine, and work just as well, since minecraft can only register 10cps, so anything above that is pretty much useless.

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