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  • IGN: Berttie
    Real name: Berttie
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13 (14 Soon)
    Time-zone: UTC

    What makes this server different from the rest?
    Firstly, I think the staff here are AMAZING at there job an are really NICE people. It would be AWESOME to work with them! The majority of players here are really nice and respectful, there is just a few players who like to be TOXIC and also have a liking for either CHEATING or HACKING. This is why I think I should be staff because I could spot out those people and do whatever must be done. As I live in Britain, I could be online when everyone (Who is staff) in different time-zones would be sleeping. Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of meeting the Owner himself but I have heard good things about him.

    What makes you different from the rest?
    Well, I am very experienced as I have been staff on 3 other servers - and was told I was very good at my job. Another thing is, like I said before, I live in BRITAIN meaning when people are in other time-zones I can be on watch to make sure people are not doing what they aren't meant to be. I also have read the /rules more than once and I know every one on there! I am, and hope that others think I am too, a GOOD person and a NICE one too! So I think I would fit in with the rest of the staff. I am a very welcoming person and a helping person too! If someone needs help with something I would try my best to help them!

    What experience do you have with being a member of the staff team?
    I really like that word, TEAM. I have lots of experience working in a team! In fact, I am always advising people to work as a team and be a team worker as the more the merrier and also you are always better in a group rather than by yourself. No matter what you say! Anyway, I also have experience with working with DIFFERENT people. Yes, everyone is different and have different ways of doing something - and I respect that! I am always willing to take ADVISE from others and maybe if people want it give ADVISE to them.

    If you need some people to back up what I am saying I will gladly give you there discord :blush:

    So that about sums it up! Please give me feedback on how I could improve. Not just Staff but everyone! Thanks


    P.s. Some people call me Llama :blush:

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