helloooo im chloe

  • uhh, im a kiddo, a huge twenty one pilots fan, and melanie martinez fan! (i saw her in april!!)
    i like blockparty, skywars, skygiants and splegg !!
    the only god i believe in is josh dun (((^;
    if you dont believe in aliens i cant be your friend
    also i really love the youtubers: cowchop, uberhaxornova, thegabbieshow, jennamarbles, danisnotonfire & amazingphil + their gaming channel, and game grumps!! and i like jacksepticeye & mark sometimes lol
    my favorite book is paper towns !
    i love long walks on the beach(no joke) and swimming in the ocean
    my favorite colors are like,, all purples, and oceany blues !!
    im a pretty happyish person but i listen to alot of emo(aka stuff that has merch in hot topic) music like
    panic! at the disco, fall out boy(barely listen to them but they are good aaa), twenty one pilots, & my chemical romance ! thats about it so see ya mates !!

    ps: i love big sweaters and hoodies,
    also tyler joseph is a egg bY E

    alt text,

  • hello and welcome c;

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Chloe, I'm Blake. I like purple as well :P

  • hiya there o:

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