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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is the purpose of these forums?

    A: We created the NameMC Community Site with the goal of creating a new place for Minecraft fans to get together and talk, meet new friends, work on projects, and just discuss whatever Minecraft-related content they want.

    It's not an original idea, there are lots of forums and Minecraft communities out there, but we plan to continue updating ours with more and more social features to create something new and unique.

    We hope you will join us and participate and make these forums awesome!

    Q: I can see my email on my profile, can anyone else see it?

    A: No, the little “eye” icon next to the email means it’s only visible to you.

    Q: How do I create a forum account?

    A: Forum accounts are linked to NameMC accounts. If you don't have a NameMC account, click here to create one. If you already have one, simply log in to NameMC and then return to and it will log you in automatically.

    Q: Who can I talk to if I have a problem with the forums/NameMC/BlockMania?

    A: For forum-related issues check out the Forum Help & Support section, for NameMC, head to the NameMC Support Section, for help with issues on our server, check out the BlockMania Support Forum.

    For everything else, feel free to email us at:
    [email protected] [Manager] or [email protected] [Owner and Developer]

    Q: I'd like to help out with the forums, where can I apply?

    A: These forums are still a work in progress. We will post information about how to apply to become a forum moderator and/or staff on our server network very soon.

    Q: I am a coder/developer and I'd like to help out with your website/server. Who can I talk to about that?

    A: We will have a thread about applying for developer positions very soon. It will be linked here and many other places when it's finished.

    More info will be added to this page as needed.

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