Minigame ideas.

  • As I've been playing Block Mania I've always been thinking of minigames ideas that could be added into the server.
    1- Pvp battle
    This could be where everyone spawns on a map with the same gear (diamond, iron etc) and the players have to battle and eventually leave the winner.

    2- Animal killing
    This is where there is a herd of animals (cows, sheep, pigs etc) with ' -10 ' ' +10 ' on them. Whoever kills the most animals or gathers the most points wins. For example, the chickens could be +1 the cows could be +5 and the sheep could be -10. Idk but something along these lines would be cool as we don't currently have anything like this.

    3- Finally, we could have a simon says game
    This is where words will appear on the screen and give out a order for you to do. For example 'jump off the edge.' Whoever would jump off 1st, second and 3rd would win points.

    Really hope you consider some of these ideas as I think block mania's party games need more adding to it. It's mostly all the same like bows and snowballs. I think adding these would change it up a bit and give people a variety instead of shooting bows and dodging anvils.

  • Isn't all this just Hypixel?

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