Minecraft Future Update

  • Do you want minecraft to keep updating with the 1.9 pvp system?
    I Dont Like it very much, i think it should return to the 1.8 pvp system in 1.12.
    What Do You Guys Think?

  • 1.8.9 pvp should be in like 1.12 w/ the elytra and stuff like that! That should be happening

  • 1.7.10 pvp in 1.12

  • I completely agree with you my friend!!! 1.9 pvp sucks

  • Honestly mojang made the mistake of adding the newer versions. They said it was for pvp updates but they destroyed pvp. Im surprised they dont just speak to the community about the updates, people still play 1.7/1.8, My friends barely even play the updated versions

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