Staff Application - Diamondz

  • In Game Name: Diamondz
    What makes this server different from the rest?: This server is an amazing server to play on, its just that other players take advantage by cheating because of how small it is compared to other big servers. The reason this server is different from others is because of the players that play on the server. They have all type of amazing names/ In game names. The servers difference makes players want to visit it over and over again, and not stop.

    What makes you different from the rest?: Hm. What makes me different from the rest of the players on Minecraft servers. I am a very awesome and compassionate person when it comes to helping. Helping other players play fairly and not with the cheaters. Because once there are cheaters on a server the legit players leave and once they leave the whole server is empty with no one to play with. That's why I would like to help blockmania and get there cheaters busted and banned.

    What experience do you have with being a member of the staff team?: I am very talented that's the reason I became staff on many servers, including my friends and a big server with the name of "Cubecraft." I was a fellow Moderator with a good attitude and loved to help others with the unfair advantage. And also to serve amazing rights to everyone. I have lots of experience, to stop players from big arguments, foul language, and of course cheating. That's what I want to do for blockmania. I love it so far and I will still forever. I am helping people today on the server. My reputation and grammar when I type will be awesome. So don't expect me type sentences that are sloppy. I make sure I get my sentence right. If something is spelt wrong, there is never a problem to fix it.

    That's all I really have to tell.

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