Staff Application - sfdsfdsd

  • IGN: sfdsfdsd

    What makes this server different from the rest?: I believe this server is unique due to the fact that it's simply a smaller community. You get to know more players and you see them more often than other players on larger servers. I think that this is beneficial to a staff member because they can become acquainted with other players which can lead to a better community.

    What makes you different from the rest?: I don't think I'm much different from many players on this server, though I do have some skills I'd like to share. I believe that when it comes to interacting with other players I'm fairly relaxed and I can be quiet at times. I don't get upset over angry players and can control myself emotionally pretty well. Since this question relates the most to "maturity", I'd say I'm fairly mature though at times I can be sarcastic and I do joke around.

    What experience do you have with being a member of the staff team? Three years ago I was a helper on ExplodingTNT's server "The Nova", and I was a builder as well. I resigned from the helper position so I could have more time building Skywars maps for the server so I wasn't ever demoted. I also resigned from the build team because the server simply began losing popularity and eventually Skywars was no more so I quit. You can easily learn a few things after being a staff member. You learn how to be responsible, I learned about time commitment and how important it is to be online.

    That's all I've gotta say.

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