Introduction - Nut

  • Introduction - Nut
    Hello! I'm going to tell you some more about who I am, what I do daily and my experience with Minecraft. There might be some grammar or spelling mistakes. Sorry about that. English isn't my main language. Hope you enjoy!

    Who are you?
    My current Ingame name is Nut. My real name is Zenon and I live in Belgium. I can speak Dutch, French and of course English. At the time writing this, I am 16 years old. My birthday is on the 30th of January.

    I am a very emotional and empathetic person and I care about the people around me and in the community that I'm involved with. I am interested in what people think, why they think that and how their minds work. I try to help people with their emotional problems and relation problems through Skype. If you ever want to talk about something completely random or just talk to someone, hit me up ingame or PM me here on the Forums and I will be more than glad to get to know you better and have some fun.

    What do you do daily?
    I like reading books about Philosophy, History and romantic books and/or Thrillers. I have a high EQ (emotional quotient: skill in handling one's emotions, viewed as a factor in achievement. Basically emotional intelligence.) I sometimes lack intelligence, though. I have more flaws than good things, to be honest.

    Anyway, in terms of sports, I sometimes go to the gym. I haven't been going to gym for that long yet; about 3 months. I also sometimes do Karting. I listen to Music all the time. Mainly EDM (Electronic Dance Music). To be more specific: Progressive House, Trap and Bass.

    What's your experience with Minecraft?
    I am an experienced Prison player. I traveled nearly every Prison (and OPPrison) server possible. Small servers, big servers. I have had multiple names over time. Falchon, Mantice, Plane, KhanDao, Taser. And a lot more names. Start a private conversation with me if you are interested in my name history.

    I also tend to PvP a lot. I have practicing PvP for nearly a year now. I prefer NoDebuff, UHC and AxePvP. I also have a YouTube Channel where I upload a video every 2 days. I'm not the best but if you would like to 1v1, let me know in PM so we can arrange something. I also run around plots to help people with building or just rate their plots. I also just enjoy sitting back reading chat and reporting people when needed. When I mine, I usually listen to music, talk to friends, read chat or everything at once. I love roaming around Forums and writing long texts.

    Thanks for reading my introduction!

  • Welcome to the community!

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    Welcome to the community.

  • Welcome to the forums ~ hope you find something usefull

  • Welcome to the Forums!! c:

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