hey, i'm emmy

  • hello NameMc! i recently stumbled upon this comunity, and so far it looks pretty great!
    some background info: i've played minecraft since 1.7 (roughly 3 years ago) and i play mainly on servers such as Hypixel, Mineplex and PhanaticMc. i consider myself to be fairly friendly and polite as a person, although i can get a bit competitive! my favourite minigames are probably skywars and build contests. my favourite mob is a baby slime (they're so squishy ^u^) and my favourite colour is either black or baby blue.
    i'm not really sure of the rules/guidelines for this site, would someone please explain the basics to me? it'd be greatly appreciated!
    thanks a lot!

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Welcome to the community.

  • @Ephemerxl Get out while you can...

  • Welcome to the forums. Hope you find something useful lol

  • leave. leave and never turn back.


  • Welcome to the forums!

    of the dead </3

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