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  • Could the creator of NameMC add a feature that allows you to make your profile private? It may sound like a stupid request, but my account was hacked recently and some inappropriate skins appeared on my page, so I want to hide my profile in case this happens again as some of my friends on servers such as Hypixel sometimes view my profile and it would be awkward if my account was hacked again and the same or similar skins appeared on my profile and they saw it and made assumptions as to why the skins were there, and I would generally prefer for my profile to be made visible only to me if the feature for people to make their profiles private or hide them cannot be made. If an admin is reading this and is going to either hide my profile or add the option to make profiles private, thanks in advance. If not, thanks for reading.

  • I don't really see why not, but I guess all accounts were made to be public. Plus, there are features for you to remove previous skins. So if it does happen in the future, just try to remove it.

  • One feature/purpose of namemc is to see everything that ever happened profile wise. You can easily delete skins on your profile though! If it's a name, Mojang can most likely change it for you. My name was changed to some weird thing and then Mojang was able to get it back in just a few days. To delete skins from your profile, go to your profile and click "(edit)" after it says "Known Skins (#)". Then, select a skin and click remove!

  • @Oso okay

  • @Ender_gothy

    It seems like you were hacked! Do you know how to remove the skins?
    If you do not please reply and I shall help you.

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