Do you think CPS (clicks per second) matter? *Comment your cps*

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  • the higher the CPs, usually the better you do but its just a mind game unless you have 15 CPS which is called wobble sprinting.
    my cps averages around 10 but all you need is 6 and good aim

  • 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • I use trackpad. I wouldn't know how to calculate my CPS from the controls I use which means I shouldn't be commenting but I feel like it.

    minecraft related post. +1

  • 6 cps sounds right

  • I Suggest getting the cps mod or chromacps

  • It matters in 1.7 and prior versions. I believe 1.8 introduced a limit as to how many hits you can actually land on a player within a given timeframe, however I'm not entirely an expert on Minecraft's mechanics. In 1.9+ is obviously doesn't matter, and servers that have cooldown disabled (ie. the now dead OCN or any server running PGM) usually reduce the amount of damage you can deal if you're clicking too fast.

    My CPS ranges between 7-10, I can't aim with a high CPS.

    Edit: Ping matters much more.

  • @Pyrotechnic nice reply

  • Banned

    My CPS is 4-5 (I have godly CPS).

  • 2 cps is me but when I smash my hand on my mouse and jitter click as fast as I can I normally click around 4

  • m8 cps creates something in Minecraft called a hit chain what it does it increases your chance of getting wobble sprint which gives u a major advantage.Now I have decent mouse and average 12 cps in game 14 in a click test when you get more than 8 cps then you get something called a 5 block reach glitch. this kicks in when Minecraft renders your clicks it can only render 8 above would get you 5 block of reach instead of 4. I am decent at pvp in Minecraft and I recomend a higher cps with a higher sword accuracy if you want an example you can msg me sometime on hypixel and friend me and I can teach you to become a master in no time

  • @Solloid cool necropost

  • @PvPLogged Clicking faster does help but there are more aspects of minecraft pvp.

    My cps

    Normal clicking: 5-7 (I use this method mostly)

    Jitter clicking: 9-14 ( i jitter occasionally because my aim sucks)

    Butterfly clicking: 8-13 (i butterfly sometimes when bridging with my middle and ring finger)

    Dragclick: 7-15: ( i have only used dragclicking for snowballs and exp bottles)

  • CPS does not matter a lot in PvP unless if you are going to play "Combo" ladder which registers your CPS accurately.

    I do 10-14 cps and got a decent aim but still does not help me in PvP. It just caused my arm to hurt.

    Normal clicking 5-7 cps + block hitting is decent enough for PvP.

    Tip for beginners :
    Learn to aim first. (with normal clicks 5-7 cps)
    Skywars, SurvivalGames, and UHC.
    Do some BuildUHC ladder matches to improve your aiming.
    Then Kohi ladder matches (PotPvP / NoDebuff / Debuff).
    Gapple ( + Combo ladder ).

    Sooner or later you'd get better at jitterclicking without even noticing it :) and aim as well

  • @FoEkReKa I don’t think his guy needs a answer after 5 months

  • @PvPLogged A good average for CPS does matter, but aim is more important. Yes, you do need at least 6 CPS to actually do well in PvP, but you also need aim to balance it. Although, a high CPS is needed for jitter-bridging or stuff like that in Bedwars.

    edit: I just realized this post is 5 months. Yikes.

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