Anyone Need TexturePacks To Showcase? [Edit & Fix]

  • Recently I, and with the help of @jac0b150 have put up some awesome and working
    texture pack ideas!
    I, Lennesa, coming up with ideas, designs and using previous texture packs to
    create more. Don't worry, the credits are given to any owners and other editors.
    Big thank you to jac0b150 for taking this information and combining it together
    to make this texture pack!

    Currently we have our first texture pack, link's here:
    It's mainly a blue and purple fusion texture pack (As the link names)
    followed by low fire, critical (not hacks just particle effects as blue and purple spots)
    some what clear/ see threw water. Low FPS (Great for pvp!)
    (Need Optifine For Armor)
    The armor changes colors between blue and purple. Can be stopped/started by
    going into Video settings, Animations then bottom left, go and click on "textures
    animated" to enable color changing or stopping at a certain color armor setting.
    Doesn't work? Just press f5 and watch the colors change! (Changes colors enchanted
    or not and iron armor is normal) ALSO! The ender pearls change color to. A beautiful
    rainbow color to be exact. (Video settings, animations then turn item animations on to
    stop at a color pearl OR to turn on the color changing)
    Gaps known as enchanted apples/ golden apples are also rainbow but do not change
    colors. All blocks, animals, food bar/ hunger bar and pots/potions are normal/ default.
    Your hearts/ health bar are hearts of the colors; pink, purple and a touch of white,
    Exp/XP bar is rainbow. Going from a soft red, orange, yellow, yellow-ish green, light
    green, to a darker green, rusty greenish- blue, blue, darker blue, and purple.

    Message me or @jac0b150 if you find any bugs/glitches. So far so good!
    And maybe, just maybe, we'll do a few more. Let us know what you think and
    hopefully we'll see some people using the pack!

    -Lennesa and jac0b150

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